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The Mom I’m Not vs. The Mom I Am

Today I got to be the mom I’m not.

With two doctor appointments on the calendar, I didn’t go to work.

Today I woke up after you and just in time to see a beautiful sunrise.

Today I made your peanut butter sandwich in my pajamas while I drank my coffee and you ate your breakfast. You talked and I listened.

Today you told me, “We should be leaving now. We’re gonna be late!”

Today I waited in traffic and dropped you off in front of the school. I hollered, “Have a good day! See you after school! Love you!” as you walked away. And then I got to do the same with your brother two hours later.

Today I ran errands between my appointments in my gray cardigan and my gray Converse.

Today I listened to my favorite songs in the car.

Today I ate a hot lunch at the kitchen table and read a magazine just for fun.

Today I did the laundry and folded it and put it all away.

Today I not only thought about it, but made dinner (and Jell-O!) before school was even out for the day.

Today I picked up your brother from school without feeling exhausted and longing for a few moments to myself.

Today I watched you practice with the marching band.

Today I helped with homework and listened to stories about school.

Today I got you to the high school on time (even a little early) for your choir concert.

Today I put you both to bed, tired, but happy, and thankful for the day.


The amazing sunrise I saw today – snapped on my iPhone.

Tomorrow I go back to being the mom I always am.

Tomorrow I will rise and shine at 5:30 a.m. and wake up two groggy kids.

Tomorrow I will scurry to pack lunches if I don’t get to it tonight. (But only after I try to convince you to just buy your lunch at school.)

Tomorrow I will iron clothes with my eyes half-shut and wear shoes that I’ll probably regret later in the day.

Tomorrow I will be nagging you and your brother, “We should be leaving now. We’re gonna be late!”

Tomorrow I will flip through stations on the radio until I find a song you both love.

Tomorrow we will go in the back door of the school when it’s still dark and walk down the empty hallways.

Tomorrow we will eat breakfast in my classroom while I shuffle through papers and prepare for 1st period. You will talk and I will do my best to listen.

Tomorrow I will eat my salad and apple at my desk grading papers, replying to emails, checking Facebook, and reading my favorite blogs all in 40 minutes.

Tomorrow I will clean up my classroom and try to get lesson plans together while you tell me about your day and I will do my best to listen.

Tomorrow I will need to stop at the store after school and pick something up for dinner.

Tomorrow I will help you frantically look for the shirt you can’t find, but must wear, before we go to the football game.

Tomorrow I will sit with your brother and watch the football game. I will listen to him talk about football for three hours straight and I will be happy. Especially because I am just sitting down.

Tomorrow I will watch you perform with the marching band for the first time and think “Where has the time gone? When did she get so big?”

Tomorrow I will put you both to bed, tired, but happy, and thankful for the day.

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