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More Ways to Get to Know Your Students

Worried that I don’t have enough to fill the first day of class, I did another search for ways to get to know my students.

Here are few more activities that may be useful that first day or first week of school.

Below are four interest inventories of various levels.

Other fun finds:

Student Information Sheet

  • This is business on the front and more personal on the back. You could easily just use the back for a good snapshot of a student’s personality. I like the kinds of questions they ask….”What wish do you have for someone else?” and “The title of a book about my life would be…” I am considering using this as a 1-on-1 interview with my Resource Room kids.

Photo Interest Inventory

  • This is more of a vocational interest inventory but I love the format and concept. It is designed for non-readers and includes a scoring system for teachers to complete. This inventory would be good for parts of the special education process. It has also inspired me to come up with a photo interest inventory for my students for the first week. I will share it here if I get it done in time!

Your Learner Sketch

  • This is a completely interactive activity where students decide if a characteristic fits into the “This is so me” or “Not me” category.
  • When you are done, it sorts your responses into strengths and weakness and includes additional links to learn more about each skill.
  • The PDF summary (I attached mine so you could see) isn’t as fun graphically, but it contains valuable information and explanations for students including strategies to help with weak areas. The report can also be emailed.


Koosh Ball Introduce Yourself

  • This is a SMART Notebook file that I plan to use sometime during the first week with my Resource Room. I plan on also using this as a template for other Koosh Ball games.
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