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Technology Goals for 2013

My Technology Goals for 2013

    1. Continue blogging as way to share my ideas and to learn from others. (Never underestimate the value of reading others’ candid thoughts and every day ramblings.)
    2. Become more active on Twitter. (I believe I could learn at least twice as much in two hours on Twitter as I could in a two-hour inservice.)
    3. Secure iPads or iPad Minis with a grant through my district. (10 would be ideal but I would settle for 5.)
    4. Practice more with Prezi. (I’d like to get all of my figurative language lessons into Prezi.)
    5. Learn how to use an animation app like Go!Animate. (I will turn to TweedleDee for a tutorial.)

What are you technology goals? What should I add to my list? Comment at the link above to share your thoughts.

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