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Friday Five

I only had three days of school this week. I was sick on Monday, and Tuesday was a “Cold Day.” It was still a LONG week.

I was able to get through this week with some inspiration and kind words and gestures.

Here are five things that made my week.

1. A quote I read on Facebook that made me be patient and make better use of my time…

“If we believe this is a waiting period,

we will act like this is a waiting period.”

2. Something I saw on Pinterest  that calmed me down when I began to panic and worry…


What a concept!

3. A gift from a student…


Five fuzzy owl stickers

4. Walking away from the board after presenting a new way to do something we’ve been struggling with and having a student whisper, “Thank you!”

5. A video someone posted on Facebook which makes me think twice before picking up my phone.

Happy Friday, Friends and Followers!

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