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Quick Idea for Wordle

I’ve mentioned how I use Wordle to make word clouds for parts of speech and other brainstorming activities.

Here is another use I thought of last week during some downtime on conference night. I really wanted to get lesson plans done but after two nights of PT conferences and not feeling so great, this was the most productive I could be.

This is my first batch of posters. All of these terms are covered during our CNN News activity. I will create new ones each time we add a new term.

I was writing these terms on the board daily but this will be much faster. I can have Tweedle Dee pull the right terms out of the stack and hang them up each day depending on the skills we are covering. I put magnetic tape on the back for easy hanging.  I did just read a tip (linked below) how to insert phrases into Wordle. (Use the ~ between words.)

I decided to make a Wordle of my ‘What You’ll Find” page.

People, Places, Things and a Good Idea

During the first few weeks of school, we’ve spent a lot of time working on identifying nouns and distinguishing between common and proper nouns.

Friday we went to the computer lab and used Wordle which is a tool that helps you build “word clouds.”


My directions were simple since this was the first time using Wordle with my students.

Students had to type the word “noun” five times which then made it larger than any other words on the poster. They had to include 5 proper nouns and 10 common nouns. Ideally, the words were supposed to be related to the Olympics which we have been learning about, but a few other nouns snuck in there it seems.

They then got to play with the layout and font to make it their own.

In the coming weeks, we will add other parts of speech.

Some tips:
Have students type their list in Word first so that they can spell check and save their list in case of technical difficulties. Our filter was blocking Wordle on some computers which was a little frustrating. I had to send some of their word lists to myself through Edmodo and make a few posters on my classroom computer.

We don’t have color printer capabilities for the students so I had to add my own brightly colored paper to the bulletin board. I am excited for them to see their work on display when they come to class today.

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