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Show Me the Evidence

I will admit that I stole this idea from Ian’s 5th grade teacher, who stole it from Pinterest. I had Dee snap a picture of it at Open House.


I think it’s a great idea and it has proven to be effective in my classroom.

As we are answering extended response questions or citing evidence from the text, I direct students to look at the back bulletin board to “Show Me the Evidence” (which I say in a dramatic voice).  It makes me smile every time as they all whip their heads around to look at it. And then the hands start shooting up.

Right now it’s still awkward for many to use these phrases, which do not come naturally.  Some of them are, however, starting to make sense of it.

My hope is that these words will become habit and they will be able to use them naturally on their own.  Modeling goes a long way with intervention students.  It works because they see themselves being successful and they feel “smart” using words and phrases such as these. Students love to read their answers out loud when they sound “professional,” as one boy told me.

The other day our copier was broken and I was unable to copy the questions for their novel. So I quickly selected half of them, took a screen capture on SMART Notebook (one per page) and we talked about how to answer the question 1) by restating the question and 2) using some of the examples from the bulletin board.

Every student got out a sheet of notebook paper. I asked for suggestions from the class and then we selected our favorite.  I modeled it on the SMART board and they had to copy these frames.   I also posted a PDF of the pages on Schoology in case they got confused.

Stave 3 Questions Writing Frames

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