Type 1 Diabetes

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In addition to this blog, I have a blog called Dreams, Dishes, and Diabetes.    

I started this blog after my then 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I recently made this blog public after many months of keeping it to myself.

I am realizing that it’s not only important to share my experiences but to also have a place to write about all the things happening in our lives…both big and small.

On that blog’s About Me page you will find the following:

Since that time, almost 6 months to the day he was diagnosed, I have found that we have fallen into our new normal life. We may not have fallen completely gracefully, but we’ve landed with a soft thud.

We have arrived at our final stop: Acceptance.

The place where….

Our dreams can be, and still are, as big as always.

Our sink will always be home to dirty dishes.

Our lives are exactly how they are supposed to be…diabetes and all.


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